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Melbourne Psychology & Wellness

General Information

Bulk-billing psychological services

Melbourne Psychology & Wellness bulk bills up to 10 consultations per year

with a GP Mental Health Plan (GP referral)

Located in the inner south-east of Melbourne

One convenient location easily accessible by car and public transport

Highly-qualified staff with specialisations in both clinical and positive psychology

Clinical psychology includes traditional therapy for mental health issues

Positive psychology focuses on developing strengths and living a meaningful life

Melbourne Psychology and Wellness

It is not freedom from illness that defines us, but our strengths, our values, passions, dreams and relationships. Although clinical psychology’s exclusive focus on treatment is a scientifically proven, medication-free approach to relieving symptoms of depression, anxiety, addictions, and trauma, this approach only guides individuals half-way to realising a deeply rewarding and fulfilling life.
Most people desire not just to survive, but yearn to live well. To realise this goal, we must understand the important difference between curing mental illness and promoting mental health. Over recent years, under the paradigm of ‘positive psychology’, research has discovered several important elements to living well, such as engagement with activities we value, nurturing our strengths and talents, and creating a life full of meaning and happiness.
The clinical psychologists at Melbourne Psychology & Wellness have developed a number of programs to assist clients transition from overtly negative circumstances to fully conscious living. We offer traditional therapy but with several unique differences: Our goals include not only symptom relief, but life satisfaction and well-being; and to this end, evidence-based clinical therapies are enhanced with the new techniques of positive psychology — to not only relieve emotional pain and psychological distress but bring about the life you deserve.
Unfortunately, our clinic is unable to take new clients at present, but please leave your details below if you wish to be notified when appointments are available. In the meantime we wish you well, and look forward to assisting you on your journey.


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